Hungry for SOMA crowdfunding launched on

Dear friends, I have launched a new project Hungry for SOMA, my twenty-seven day alternative Christmas campaign! And have I got a cracker for you…I have been selected to undertake a four-week visual arts residency at SOMA – an exciting contemporary art space in Mexico City. I need your support (I know, sounds familiar already…read on) to feed my heart and stomach in this residency. You can support the project using this link:
or through the link on my home page. Here’s a bit more info on the project:

Over a period of three years, I am exploring ideas of loss through a series of temporary public encounters. I am developing a big new project, which is taking me to Mexico and Iceland. I know, it’s not fair. The project will unfold through three sites. The first site, I am taking with me. Many of you know there was once a hole in this heart of mine. Now mended in more ways than one, but still misshapen and potentially untameable at times. The second is the the over-wintering grounds of five hundred million butterflies in the Western Highlands of central Mexico and, and the third is Iceland. The only country in the world with no butterflies. These sites are now connected and the work will unfold through my experiences within them.

I will use this unique opportunity at SOMA to develop the raw material I will have gathered in the field, studying the Monarch butterfly in the Western Highlands of central mexico in the three weeks leading up to this residency. Over five hundred million Monarchs migrate from the eastern United States to a small number of roosting sites in the valleys of Michoacan State in central Mexico each year. The area was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Biosphere in 2008 and supports a fragile ecosystem, communities and geography in its shadow. In January 2012, I will be living in the small village of Angangueo, photographing and interviewing local Mexicans, tour guides, tourists, lepidopterists, and exploring fragile states of loss and change in relation to my broken heart and the absence of butterflies in Iceland. Whatever that might be.

At SOMA, I will have a great studio space and a place to sleep. I’ll be writing and processing images and audio footage, and most of all I will be working with local artisans to make a series of works which I will then migrate to Iceland later in the year. I will meet local artists in Mexico City and will have the chance to speak about my work and run some public workshops. In fact, without this residency, my entire project WILL FALL APART. So I need you all, see.

Here’s my advice, you know me and you love me ( at least a little bit) so don’t waste your time traipsing around the shops this month wondering what to get me for Christmas. Save your energy, but not your money, because I have created this entire project just for YOU.

Your dreams of having coffee with me in North Hobart, or a quick bite in Melbourne, Hackney, Liverpool, Carcassonne, New York, LA or Chicago this week might not be possible, but this is the perfect solution for us all. Oooohhhh and so much cheaper than wining and dining me in person. There is no need for bubbles, no deserts and no eggs benedict here, just a scrumptious request for a cheap brekky (one little five dollar note) or dinner (one big ten dollar note) in Mexico City! And if you want to spend even more on me, how about buying me a day at the coal face. Just $22 will buy you, well me, a glorious day of hard yakka at SOMA – studio space and bed included. What’s that you say, ‘You really want to splash out on me this year’ (that’s you James Newitt) then throw a big, fat fifty in the hat for a Mexican lottery ticket! I’ll kiss it, get someone reputable to bless it and then I’ll post it to you. With a surprise from my travels too.

The residency fee is $600 for twenty seven days plus a bit extra for some grub, so I am running this possible campaign for just 27 days in the hope that you might chip in a meal or a day towards the big bonanza. Just one person a day that’s all I need! Go on have a heart for art. It’s Christmas.