Justy Phillips and Margaret Woodward presented two works at Rolling Stock. The works, Container 1 and The Way Life Should Be were installed at the Junee Roundhouse after a short residency and install.

Rolling Stock is a series of site specific performances, installations and collaborations between artists, visiting audiences and the local Junee community on a train moving through unconventional spaces from Midday to Midnight on Saturday 20th November 2010.This epic project is curated by Sarah Last from The Wired Lab.

Container 1. A vessel for travel – explores the Indigenous naming of the township of Junee (or Jew-nee), which means ‘speak to me’ in Wiradjuri language.

The Way Life Should Be is growing with every installation. In the Junee Railway Workshop situated at the Roundhouse – a fully operational industrial landscape provides moments of rest for interrupted narratives to connect and dissect the darkness.

PVI Collective – Resist: Junee (installation view)


The WIRED Lab is an Artist Run Initiative based in rural South West NSW. It was established in 2007 to ensure the legacy of The Wires, a unique and distinctly Australian invention that primarily exists in rural landscapes. The Wires are inherently interdisciplinary with foundations in sculpture, environmental / land art, sound composition, interactivity, behavioural constructs of old/new media, physics and complex systems sciences.

The WIRED Lab is a unique regionally based project consolidating and expanding upon 30 years of research by Dr Alan Lamb into The Wires, an instrument consisting of strained spans of fencing wire that stretch across open landscape. Lamb is an artist, retired biomedical research scientist and GP.

The WIRED Lab is a rurally located organisation that facilitates artist residencies, arts, science and environmental workshops, socially networked audio visual websites, open days and performances. These initiatives take place on The WIRED Lab site and throughout the Riverina district in collaboration with partner organizations such as schools, cultural, environmental, farming and historical organisations. Our activities reflect and enhance the interdisciplinary capacities of The Wires and The WIRED Lab’s location in the vulnerable and endangered Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (BGGW) ecosystem.

WIRED Lab initiatives embed an intergenerational model that combines arts/science research and CCD.  Such an approach exemplifies capacity and possibilities rather than the stereotypical limitations of living in regional Australia.

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