Magnificent is an artwork launched through an experimental publishing platform. Published four-monthly in Tasmania, this modern day novella presents an opportunity to reconsider contemporary social issues in Tasmania.

Published three times a year in the form of a printed magazine/ publication, size 210mm x 260mm x 5mm.

Printed by Focal Printing, Hobart using soy-based inks and computer-to-plate pre-press technology, the magazine is printed on 100% recycled coated text and cover stock. This paper choice is informed by a decision to blur the boundaries between the highly glossed veneer of ‘wilderness’ employed by tourism agencies and related businesses to promote the island to visitors, whilst printing such material on paper derived form the felling of the wilderness they proclaim to uphold.

Justy Phillips will continue to twist the format and structure of the magazine to challenge these representations of landscape and people in Tasmania. In opposition to poor forestry practice worldwide and to Forestry Tasmania and Gunns Ltd practices of the felling old growth forest and clear felling, this magazine uses only 100% recycled paper stock from Spicers Paper. Every effort has been made to ensure that the production processes used to publish Magnificent use the best possible practices, which reflect the personal and ethical concerns of the artist.

Subscriptions have now closed. Please email Justy Phillips if you would like to obtain a collectors set (all 3 editions).

Project update: There are three editions of magnificent available – magnificent 1: Your weight I carry like a salty rock (released in two editions; a print magazine, and a limited edition collector’s box set [edition of 25]); magnificent 2: Thursday 4.55pm and magnificent 3: We all make promises we can’t keep.

Magnificent Limited edition collector’s box set/ ...more details or  straight to the shop.